Last week we went to Shoryu Soho the first of our adventure to try as much Ramen in London as possible this year.  On our way home, we decided to walk towards Piccadilly Circus (Matthew wanted a cinnabon).  On the way we walked past some lovely red lanterns and I was drawn back towards them like a cat to a box.  We had a look at the menu and noticed it sold Ramen, along with a lot of other authentic looking Japanese food.  We decided there and then that this would be our next Ramen Review.

We didn’t book a table, and arrived at about 6PM.  It wasn’t too busy so we got a table straight away.  I got there first and so sat alone for 5 minutes taking pictures of things while listening to the authentic Japanese musics (there were two songs on at the same time for extra authenticity).


Look at this fancy rabbit, she is beautiful.

Matthew arrived and we looked through the menu, I decided to try the Tako Karaage which is basically deep fried octopus.  Matthew got chicken Gyoza which he got a taste for during our visit to Japan.   I ordered the spicy ramen and Matthew had the Pork Ramen.  We also got a medium cold sake to share.  When the sake arrived, it came with a small starting salad covered in what can only be described as “Yaaaaaas dressing”

Sake and salad with Yaaaas dressing

Sake and salad with Yaaaas dressing

I have only ever had Tako Karrage at Yo Sushi, I didn’t get to try it while in Japan.  This was…similar, but a bit of a mixed bag.  It tastes fresher, and unlike at Yo Sushi, you get tentacles and everything.  Some of the pieces were delicious, and the texture was incredible, while others were so chewy that I felt like I was losing weight while chewing.

Toku Karage (Deep fried octopus)

Toku Karage

Matthew’s chicken gyoza was decent, I had one of them and can safely say they are a safe choice with little reward, but little risk.

Safe Gyoza

Safe Gyoza

Within 5 minutes of finishing our starters, our Ramen came.  These Ramen looked proper authentic with one exception.  THAT EGG, it’s just a boiled egg cut in half.  This is not what I came to expect from Ramen, I expect a sort of brown egg with a medium-soft yolk.  I was disappointed immediately before even tasting the broth.

Spicy Ramen with the boring egg

Spicy Ramen with the boring egg

I then tasted the broth, it was delicious…I can forgive the egg, but I won’t forget the egg.

This thing tasted really good though, it was just spicy enough without being off putting.  The noodles were cooked to perfection, but not my favourite type of noodle (slightly too super noodles like for me) and the greens were just like Japan.  The pork was decent, but not a highlight. The egg was awful and I was right to be disappointed.

Matthew drinking Sake

Matthew drinking Sake

Matthew had the pork Ramen, we think… He ordered it, and it had Pork in it, but the lady kept calling if beef so we’re not entirely sure.  He wasn’t as impressed with his Ramen, and after tasting it I can understand why, it’s as a bit bland in comparison to mine, but it was very similar in taste to several places we had ramen in when we visited Japan so I think it was pretty authentic.

Matthew's Pork or Beef Ramen

Matthew’s Pork or Beef Ramen

I am using the word authentic a lot.  I have had better everything from other places I’ve been to, but this was probably the most authentic Japanese experience you can get if you’re looking for the type of food you get when you’re in a village near a temple a few miles out of Kyoto, because this is the type of food you get.

When we asked for the receipt it came promptly with a slice of orange!

Receipt and Orange slice

Look, an orange slice!

We are trying Ramen, and Ramen was only one of the many dishes that Lingo serve.  I would love to go back and try one of their platters and see how that compares.

Dat menu doe


After visiting Lingo, I have decided that I need to change my rating system.  I can’t just talk about how good the Ramen is, there’s more to it than that.  So there are now two ratings, I have gone back to my previous review of Shoryu and updated that.

I rate Lingo

RA (out of RAMEN)

Matthew decided to make some tough new years resolutions including trying Timeouts top Ramen places in London.  To help him through this difficult time, I have decided to join him on this edeaver.  We went to Japan in 2015 and had some of the best Ramen ever and are now seeing if London can compete.

The first place we went to was Shoryu in Soho.

Matthew outside Shoryu in Soho

We started with a steamed bun each, I had the Prawn version while Matthew decided to opt for Chicken.  Matthew was definitely a better judge of steamed bun, as although I was happy with mine after the first bite, I quickly suggested having half each after seeing his face after his first bite.  I was pretty happy with our decision to share as the chicken one was pretty much the best.  Matthew was so happy he declared that the sauce was good enough to eat off the counter (while eating some spilt sauce from the bun from the counter).

We aren’t here for the Steamed buns though, we’re here to talk about the Ramen.

Matthew went for the Dracula Tonkotsu, and I went for the Karaka Tan Tan Tonkotsu, both cost £12.50 and are decent portions.

The Karaka Tan Tan Tonkotsu is spicy and comes with a minced pork rather than with char siu BBQ pork which is a shame, because when I was in Japan, I had pretty much the same style of Ramen with the pork included for less money. First taste of the Ramen and I am hit with salt, it tastes very salty, but then the rest of the flavours kick in and you’re left with a decent, if not spectacular Spicy Ramen flavour.  One thing I was disappointed with was the egg, you only get 1 half an egg and it doesn’t seem to be the sort of tea stained boiled egg you get in Japan (They use soy sauce and other things to give the white of the egg flavour).

Just one half an egg, and it’s white.

The Dracula Tonkotsu is quite delicious with a super strong flavour of garlic (hence the name).  It comes with the char siu that my Ramen lacked and the same half an egg, it also comes topped with ‘garlic chips’.   If I could go again, I would go with this Ramen, and remember to bring my toothbrush for afters.

Didn’t quite finish mine

In addition to the food, we also had cocktails.  Matthew had the Fuyu Lemon, which is basically lemon and ginger loveliness.  I had the Matcha Detox (no alcohol) which was really nice and included matcha green tea powder.

Overall, I would Rate Shoryu

RAM (Out of RAMEN)


rendition1.imgThis game is incredible, and I haven’t even played the multiplayer.

Here are the 5 things about the game that I think.

1. The single player experience is just that, an experience.  It’s rare a game gives you the feels while still being fun to play.  I was genuinely close to tears within 5 minutes, I was hungover and cry at most things while hungover though.

2. The game is gorgeous, the engine used in Battlefield is the same as the one used in Star Wars Battlefront and is equally stunning, and in some places even better.
rendition1.img (1)

3. It’s not as realistic as I thought it would be.  Your health recharges, you have a lot of automatic / semi automatic weapons that weren’t as common in WW1 (most were bolt action rifles according to wikipedia).

4. The tank section is just incredible, you feel like you’re in the film Fury but with an older tank in a different war.

5. Just buy it.  There’s no reason not to.  You can get it on PC from CDKeys for only £35.99


2015-08-17 13_25_08-you're never weird on the internet - Google Search

OK, so I have been a small fan of Felicia Day since I saw her on Season 1 of ‘The Guild‘ which was a short web series that I saw when it first appeared on my Xbox 360.

It was a really funny geeky show about mmorpg ‘addicts’ and lasted for 6 seasons (each episode was about 10 minutes long so not you’re average season).

Anyway, I wasn’t really sure if I’d be interested in reading about her life, she isn’t all that real life famous and I’m not sure what she would have to say that I’d find interesting but I had a spare Audible credit going and so decided to give it a go.  (Seriously, if you don’t have audible you should definitely sign up, it’s well worth it)

I worried that I’d end up not liking her (after listening to that awful self involved creature Lena Dunham, god her book made me hate her). I was pleasantly surprised, I have finished the book and so not hate her.  I’m going to go through the 3 sections of the book and give each a rating.

1. Early life
This section is quite good and pretty funny. 4 stars

2. GamerGate 2 stars
I didn’t understand what gamer gate was before reading this and still don’t really understand.  A lot of people seem to hate her because of it though.

3. The Guild and Geeks and Sundry 3 stars
A bit bleh, it was nice to understand how it came about but nothing you couldn’t have guessed.

I would suggest reading this book if you really like Felecia Day, otherwise you’ll probably care very little about what she has to say.

Also, why are all American female celebrities that have written a book full of anxiety?

I rate this book

codex out of FELICIA-Avatar-Pose-hi-resjpg


A Place Called WinterMatthew and I are still adamant about having a book club with ourselves.  If you fancy joining it, let us know and we’ll let you know the book we’re planning to review.

Matthew asked someone on twitter what to read and this was the book they recommended.

The book is about a guy who is basically in Pride and Prejudice for the first 15 chapters and then it turns into a bit of  a Brokeback mountain cover for the majority of the rest of the book with some major differences.  For instance, it describes in laborious detail how to farm in the olden days while occasionally having a bit of gay loving thrown in, but there is also MURDER.

Brokeback mountain

The ending of the book is pretty good though, and you do feel like you’ve earned yourself a good rest from thinking.

The words used in the book are English, and I understood all of them, however it doesn’t read quite as easily as most of my normal books. The Author seems to enjoy saying 3 words where 1 would suffice, but it’s not painful to read.  He also enjoys describing things that my brain at least does not care about, but doesn’t mind processing.

Matthew hasn’t finished the book yet, I finished it after 2 and a bit days of reading which you can take however you like.

All in all, it was a good book, but not one I would recommend to my mother.

Disapproving Mother

My mother looks younger than this

All in all, I rate this book Will from Will and Grace

Will from Will and Grace

Dept. Of Speculation

I was listening to a podcast Matthew put on the other day (he was asleep) and they were talking about books that they were reading or have read and this one came up and they all talked about how good it was and written in such a ‘unique’ way blah.  I decided to get it on my kindle and give it a whirl.

It cost £6.69.  I thought it was a strange price, usually you can get a kindle edition of a book for less than £5.  Ah well, I have some credit left because my brother can’t transfer actual money for our mother’s Christmas present.


For my American Readers / bots

If you don’t believe in Christ, should you capitalise the ‘C’?

The book is basically a stream of memories, not quite connected to one another but still work while you’re reading them.  Some of them are funny
“A few nights later I secretly hope that I might be a genius.  Why else can no amount of sleeping pills fell my brain?  But in the morning my daughter asks me what a cloud is and I cannot say.” 

Some of them are very sad and are spoilers so I won’t show them here.


This is a picture to show you what imagination is

It’s quite well written, in that it’s sort of how the brain works with memories (mine at least).  Moving from remembering a man kicking a mattress with to your daughter having head lice.  It isn’t the type of book I would normally read, my imagination wasn’t really needed much during my read through.
It did however, make me think.  I was thinking a lot about how my life related to what was happening in the book, and specifically where it didn’t relate.  It was an interesting an unwanted change, I don’t like to think, I prefer to imagine.

It is a VERY short book.  I got through it in a few hours.  This is where I get a little bit confused with the price.  It’s almost double the price of some much longer books I have enjoyed… I guess you don’t pay for quantity.  And it was a complete work. But I always quantify spending money on things on how long they will keep me occupied.

I have no issue spending £300 on a games console, because I know it’ll keep me entertained for years and £50 on a game will keep me occupied for weeks.  I sort of feel slightly robbed of about £2 on something that lasted only a few hours even if those hours were good.

Time is money

Time is money

It isn’t the type of book you should read if you are looking for a story line with twists and turns etc, it just feels like an insight into someone’s life with pretty normal things happening that happen to most people (unless they are very lucky).

Anyway, I would recommend this book if it were less than £5.

I give it 3 stars with lots of smaller and/or further away stars.

Orions Belt

Orion’s Belt