In episode 6 we talk about spy thriller Spooks: The Greater Good, itchy skin complaints, the result of the UK election and Rihanna’s omelette dress. And our guest star Jen answers the quick fire questions thing we do every week.

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On Tuesday Adam and Kia (our guest star in episode 4) went cooking here. Here’s a video clip to give a feel for what probably happened…

Prepare for the takeover of Japanese pop-stars BABYMETAL. Here is their hit Gimme Chocolate.

And in case clarification is required, here’s a video still of them explaining the name behind their band.babymetalname

The BabyMetal fox god hand movement thing that rivals the normal devil horns is as below

BabyMetal Fox God

The emoji Alice in Wonderland thing Matt went on about is here

Dominating the news this week was the UK Election. Here are some of the amazting election memes to take your mind of the awfulness of the result.

As mahoosive fans of the TV show we were nervous about the transition of Spooks to the silver screen, but it turns out it was Amazting! Especially if you are familiar enough with London that you can get excited about knowing which car parks they filmed some of the scenes in. Whilst ‘best spook’ Ruth didn’t make an appearance because she is dead it was still good.  Matt wasn’t sure why they needed to relocate The Grid from Thames House,  Adam didn’t know what ‘The Grid’ or ‘Thames House’ were, but it was far batter than the critics would have you believe.

No insightful book reviews this week, instead we bring you our thoughts on Shitfaced Shakespeare which we saw at The Udderbelly. Overall, a good concept, but we weren’t convinced about the level of drunkenness…but maybe that’s because we can drink like fish without any ill effects. *ahem*

From the creators of Friends and Home Improvement comes Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original about two septuagenarian (Matt wrote that and told me it meant 70-year old, if it means I am a terrorist or something instead, get him Feds) frenemies abandoned by their now gay husbands.  Although at the point of recording we’re only halfway through, we rate this as Amazting and think you should all watch it and do nothing else.

Oh, and correction: obvs Marta Kauffman also brought us the Amaztingly nineties Veronica’s Closet.

We also experimented with live video streaming app Periscope  whilst recording this episode. Unfortunately we had no idea what we were doing so can’t find a way of sharing the link, but we’ll work on that for next time…perhaps. Until then go take a look over here to find out more about Periscope and rival app Meerkat

See you next week!