Ramen Review – Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies

Now, before I begin this Ramen Review of Bone Daddies I need to be honest. I have been to Bone Daddies a number of times before visiting to review it and have enjoyed it each time. I also need to point out that I was quite drunk before arriving at Bone Daddies because I left work at 2PM and drank until 7PM (When we sat down to eat).

As I’ve been a number of times previously, I already knew what kind of Ramen I was going to get. Usually when I go, it’s for lunch and I just get Ramen with no starter, but as this is a Ramen Review night out I decided to get a starter too. I ordered the ‘pig bones’ to start, this is the first time I’ve had these but it won’t be the last. They’re beautiful, drenched in a sweet and savoury stick sauce with lots of sesame seeds and some green stuff. The meat melts off the bone and I would have been happy if this was the only thing I ate at Bone Daddies.

My ribs (I ate two before remembering to take a picture)

Matthew opted for the chicken wings. These were also delicious, I had one and thought that, although the bones I chose were a bit nicer, these finished a close second (out of two). They’re a bit spicy, but the crispy skin and sesame seeds mean that the texture is incredible.

Matthew’s wings

This was genuinely enough food, I was already getting full and along came heaven, a bowl of Tantanmen Ramen. A spicy chicken broth, with 1 whole egg (a first in Ramen review, usually you only get half), pork mince, melt in the mouth chashu pork and bok choy. This is perfection.

Heaven in a bowl

More on that egg, like I’ve mentioned previously when in Japan I grew accustomed to my egg being a bit brown. As you can see below, Bone Daddies do their eggs right. They taste delicious with a soft yolk and a tasty white. The noodles themselves are my favourite so far. They aren’t like super noodles, they have a bit of a bite to them and seem to absorb the flavour of the broth.

It’s not the most authentic experience you’ll get, the food is inspired by Japanese food rather than being actual Japanese food. That being said, they give you bibs and hair ties which I saw a lot of in Japan.

I genuinely don’t think there is another place that can beat Bone Daddies. I would eat here for every meal if I could.

I rate Bone Daddies

RAMEN (Top Marks)

AUTHEN (High because of bibs and hair ties, but I didn’t taste anything like this in Japan)