Quick Review – Battlefield 1

rendition1.imgThis game is incredible, and I haven’t even played the multiplayer.

Here are the 5 things about the game that I think.

1. The single player experience is just that, an experience.  It’s rare a game gives you the feels while still being fun to play.  I was genuinely close to tears within 5 minutes, I was hungover and cry at most things while hungover though.

2. The game is gorgeous, the engine used in Battlefield is the same as the one used in Star Wars Battlefront and is equally stunning, and in some places even better.
rendition1.img (1)

3. It’s not as realistic as I thought it would be.  Your health recharges, you have a lot of automatic / semi automatic weapons that weren’t as common in WW1 (most were bolt action rifles according to wikipedia).

4. The tank section is just incredible, you feel like you’re in the film Fury but with an older tank in a different war.

5. Just buy it.  There’s no reason not to.  You can get it on PC from CDKeys for only £35.99