So I currently have 2 housemates who are named Melissa and Ben respectively.  They are nice enough I guess, Ben is moving out because he’s rubbish – #evidencebelow

Tonight, Melissa came home from Mexico because of the burritos and I decided they should do the whisper challenge which they did.




I came across the below on my facebook feed, I decided that the world (and by world I mean whoever reads this) needs to see it.

It starts off and you think ‘Amazing, a cat version of she-wolf by Shakira’, but then you realise you’re wrong.

Well done the internet.



YouTube recommended the below video for me to watch today.

It features Ivy Levan of no previous fame as far as I’m aware + a cat-man.

Have you watched it?  It features her being weird about a cat which is probably why YouTube (owned by Google – who know everything about me) recommended it.

Ivy Levan seems to be trying to be bringing futuristic camp noir realness with a subtle nod to zany.  That being said, I do quite like this song and the cat at the beginning is cute.  Plus the man-cat plays a piano which is good.

Plus this –

Ivy Legan and Cat-Man in space

Ivy Legan and Cat-Man in space

All that being said I give this music video 1 low quality picture of a cat head

Low Quality Picture of a Cat