Kaosarn exterior

My friend Suzy had a birthday a few months ago and to celebrate she invited me and a bunch of her other less male friends to Kaosarn on St Johns hill for a Thai.  Before we went for food we had a drink at Powder Keg Diplomacy which I review here (This was when I got the weird black thing with cheese).

Since Suzy’s birthday I have been back to Kaosarn twice which shows just how good it is.  I really really really like it here.  The only problem…I have had the exact same thing every time I have been.  Therefore, this is a review of a specific starter and main course from Kaosarn.

For starter, I always have the ribs.  They are beautiful and come with this dip which is like salty heaven.  I didn’t think I was going to write a review and so didn’t take a picture of the starter.  Here is a picture of a dog instead

Dog looking

This is what I look like when I see the ribs being put in front of me

For main I have the beef massaman with coconut rice.  Which may look a bit boring as below, but as soon as you smell the dish arrive you just know it is going to be friggin awesome.  The beef has been cooked so slowly that it has the texture of what I can only describe as butter beef.  It. is. beautiful.
Beef Massaman Kaosarn

There are several amazing things about this restaurant.
1) The Price
2) It’s BYOB
3) It’s tasty as

I rate Kaosarn on St Johns Hill the colour green