As part of my new year new me blah I have decided to cut down on coffee.

I think the main thing I like about coffee is it is nice with steamed milk and caramel syrup.  I have decided to drink tea whenever I get the craving for a cup of ‘java’ or ‘joe’ or whatever people call coffee when they are a detective in a rubbish film and they’re in a diner.

So far today I have had 7 cups of tea.

I have read quite a lot this month.  So Far, I have read the following.

1) Hard Choices by Hilary Clinton (Audio)
2) Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Duham (Audio)
3) Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill (Reading)
4) Elizabeth is missing  by Emma Healey (Reading)
5) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Reading)

I didn’t review ‘Not that kind of girl’ for some reason.  It’s rubbish and made me gain an unreasonable amount of hate for the author.  She is the most self involved person in the world! URGH!

I am currently reading Here’s the story, a book about Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch.

My beard is still going, I think it has stopped growing.

I managed to get Cluedo: Super Sleuth edition (from the 90s) for £2.99 from ebay.  I remember my mum bought this for roughly £30 back in the day so as an antique it’s a steal.  It was so cheap that I sent the seller a message to confirm they were OK with the sale.  They were (weird!).  I’m going to try and make Matthew and whoever else is in tonight play it with me.

Cluedo Super Sleuth

That’s really all that’s happened i the past week.

WP_20140912_23_36_49_ProSo I am also reviewing this drink which is the second Vodka Sprtiz by Nola which again doesn’t quite ‘lie’ about the calories, but is faking it a bit.  It says 81 calories per 175ml, but there are 250 ml in a can so the total is actually 115 calories per can.  The bastards!

Do you know what elderflower tastes like?  It’s like refreshing sugar.  At least the alcoholic drinks that have ‘Elderflower’ in the description usually taste like this.  It’s not ‘bad’ as such, but it isn’t good either.

It’s like fake refreshing, much like diet coke (which is needed during hangovers in my opinion).  Maybe this will replace diet coke, but with alcohol…no it has calories.

Mylie Cyrus is on tv, but when she had hair.

miley cyrus hair

I guess she still looked crazy with hair

I’m tired, but I’m also really happy that I’m not in work.

I’m going to rate this drink this picture I found when I searched for “elderflower microscope”


What a long drink name!

Hello everyone, it’s Adam the amazting.

Matt is being all ‘Britney is so pretty’ but only because he keeps skipping her songs that he doesn’t know and I do and I keep going ‘No, I like that one!’ and then sulking.  I know his game!

Anyway, tonight I am reviewing a new drink that Matt bought called ‘Nola Vodka Spritz: Watermelon & Strawberry’
So far, I’m finishing my wine so haven’t actually tasted the drink. What I can say is that the can Is a bit girly and advises how many calories there are per 175ml (79 calories). Why would you say how many calories there are per 175ml when the can is 250ml? Clearly you are trying to fool people into thinking that your drink is only 79 calories when in fact, using maths it is actually… 112.8561429571429 calories per can because the can is 250ml which I already mentioned above. So 112 calories isn’t a good enough tag line is it Nola?

I’m only having half a can as I’m sharing it so it’s all good on the calorie front.

I have opened the can

mmm, it smells really watermelon like, also a hint of strawberry which supports the description.

OMG JoJo came on,

I’ve been waiting all day for ya, babe
So won’t cha come and sit and talk to me
Tell me how we are gonna be together always
Hope you know that when it’s late at night
Hold on to my pillow tight
And think of how you promised me forever

Those are lyrics.

I still haven’t actually tasted it yet.

OK, first sip – YUMMY!

It’s really sweet, but in a way you expect from a fruity drink.  I am pleased with the result of consuming this drink.

Who the fuck is Willa Ford? No rap with vovoder?


Anyway, I rate this drink (which I’ve had half of)

~Watermelon by beyonce.



The wine
Hello everyone,
It’s that time again, a time when I drink wine and write about it. I’ll be honest, this is the second wine review of this evening, however I’ll be posting this in a few days to generate more interest in my amazing ramblings.

meryl rabbi


Now I’m wathing Angels in America with Matt who is screaming at every US landmark he has been to. Did you know that Meryl Streep plays a male rabbi in this film?

The first bit of this wine could have been amazing, however I won’t know because it is now on my shirt.
my shirt
After spilling the first bit over me I tasted some wine and it was delicious.  Much better than the first wine.  It tastes like red wine, but not too much like wine unlike some other wines I won’t mention.

In addition to Meryl Streep, this film also has Al Pacino and Emma Thompson and that woman from weeds who is called Mary-Louise Parker.  She goes into a fridge in a bit, but Matt doesn’t know this because he hasn’t seen the film yet.  I have, I saw it a decade ago when it was on Channel 4.  It’s pretty good.

Oh, I just remembered to scan my wine.  It contains around 369 calories per half bottle.  Now I know why I contain more fat than I should.  It’s because wine contains so much calories for a liquid that doesn’t have fizz like coke.

We stopped watching the film because we got a bit too drunk and started recording videos –

end of wine.
I rate this wine, Medium the TV show.


Hello Everyone,

It’s Adam here again telling you all about a wine I will be drinking this evening.  It’s called Burdizzo Chianti (2010) and is from Asda priced at £9.

OH MY LORD, I scanned it into my calorie app and there is no record how annoying and mysterious.  I have looked up generic Chianti and it’s about 300 calories per half bottle.

On my first sip I found it to be a bit too winey for my liking.  There are notes of sweetness that I don’t really thing suite a red wine.  Oh there’s chocolate notes in it according to the label so I’m right.

They left it in an oak barrel for 2 years, that seems a bit weird.  Isn’t that something you do with jack daniels?

Tonight I am watching Shallow Grave as my boss told me I had to because we’re currently looking for a new housemate.  So far it’s OK.

Currently Ewan McGregor’s character is buying 2 spades.  I have found issue with this as one of these spades looks used. FILMBLUNDER

Urgh, it’s really weirdly sweet what the hell?

1 glass down, it’s starting to taste like wood.  This may be because I corked it when I tried to open the bottle.   Is that the right expression ‘To cork’?  Speaking of, I am heading to Ireland at the end of October with my mum, brother and his girlfriend. I’m flying in to Dublin on the Friday to see some friends and then on Saturday we’re going to Cork to see some family.  See the connection ‘Cork’ = ‘cork’.

Maybe I’ll do a review of Ireland when I’m there, we’ll see.

This film is from the 90’s so everything is weird and young.  I need a wee so BRB as they said in the 90’s on msn messenger.  Oh, did you know that they’re getting rid of MSN messenger this month or next month?  Well it turns out they got rid of it ages ago in the UK and other places and are only just getting around to getting rid of it in the other countries like China I think.  Microsoft who made msn messanger have donated the twitter handle of ‘@messanger’ to Facebook which you’d think was weird unless you knew that Microsoft owns a slice of Facebook. Anyway, off for a wee.


Back, people are mean in this film.  Poor Cameron.  I’m not sure if this is a comedy or a student film or what, it’s a bit shit though.  I’ll be honest, I’m not really watching it because I typed so much about msn messenger.  I’ve also learnt that whenever I type messenger I accidently type messanger – even then.

Put your legs away Ewan!

Unusual for wine, this wine isn’t improving with time, I think the other wine I reviewed was the same…I can’t remember.

I don’t know  if this is a comedy, drama or horror or what.  Has anyone seen it?  Can you tell me what I should think of this film?

The bottle is finished.

I rate this bottle 2 x MS Frontpage 2000
frontpage 2000frontpage 2000


You lucky folk are getting 2 for 1.  Tonight I am also drinking another half bottle with matthew called Morador Mendoza which if you think about it sounds like a lord of the rings version of the woman that sings frozen songs.

second wine

I have already had half a bottle of the other wine I reviewed which I wasn’t thrilled with by the end.  From the first sip I can tell I don’t enjoy this wine.  It hurts when it goes down your throat which means it’s probably has a high alcohol percentage.

I have reviewed the label and can inform you that this wine is indeed very alcoholic.  It is 14% alcoholic.

Matt stole all of the chocolate caramel things because he knows I’ll eat them all.  He’s clever.

The wine is working, I am now in a state of drowsiness while also wanting to dance, but there is no music so I won’t.  On this subject, I just got dance central spotlight for the xbox one so that’ll be fun when Melissa gets back from her travels to Mexico.

Oh my god, look at how gay this tree is –

Gay tree


Matt is annoying and won’t watch things I want to even though I know he’ll like them.

The wine is doing what most wines do, it’s getting better as I drink it, this is the sign of a good quality wine and/or me getting drunker.

I want to leave the living room and do something else now because Matt is now wanting to watch shark vs giant octopus which I’m sure he’s already seen.

This wine isn’t great, I think we should not get taste the difference wines any more.  Matt – don’t buy taste the difference wines they’re not very good.

Whoop Eternal are on.  I wanna be the only one to hold you etc.

I bought a salad today from boots but didn’t eat it, what a waste.  Matt doesn’t ‘get’ Charlie from Busted, the fool.



Our housemate Ben went to see McBusted, which I was well jealous of but not to the extent of anger because Charlie wasn’t there.  If he were to have been there Ben would have faced a much angered Adam.

This wine is taking ages to drink.  Ace of base are on the TV which is good, but Matt doesn’t understand what the video has to do with anything.

The wine is making, oh wow steps


I rate this wine 1yawning fox


Hello everyone,

This evening I will be reviewing the 2007 Carta Roja Monstrell.  It’s a red wine with a fancy netting around the bottle which is actually a bit annoying because a pen got stuck in it when I was trying to position it to take a picture so -1 point.


Red Wine

Look at the wire all crooked, a pen got stuck in it.

This wine is 672 calories per bottle so I’ll be having 336 calories of red wine this evening (Maths).
I had my first small glass while writing all of this and it has gone down quite well/quickly.

Tonight I will be drinking red wine while watching a film called…analysing someone…I don’t know what it’s called.  It’s about breast cancer and the discovery that it runs in the family.  It’s quite good so far and has Helen Hunt in it, who knew she was doing things these days?

Second glass is now poured and I have had it’s first sip.  It was glorious, imagine tasting wine that is A)nice and B) Really smooth and easy to drink.

Oh no, she found a lump.  It’s been generally quite a funny film until now.  It has that guy from breaking bad, the one who isn’t the guy from Malcolm in the middle.  She has had 1 boob removed, it’s the 60’s so who knows what happened then with reconstruction.

I had too much in one go and did this –

Obviously he no longer loves her, it’s like that film I saw when I was in Ireland as a kid and this woman got aids through no fault of her own I think, and then she made love with her husband with 2 condoms on and then he went to the shower and scrubbed loads in the shower and she saw him and cried.

Did you know that human tears have a ph of 7.5?  I do now thanks to the guy I mentioned earlier who is in this film who explained it while cleaning a pool.

OK this film is really quite funny at times considering it’s about cancer.

OH MY GOD, the girl from popular is in this.  Oh, no it’s not.  It’s the girl who looks a bit like her from lost.

So proof that this wine isn’t having an effect on my judgement.  They do look the same.

So we’re almost finished with the bottle and I haven’t had quite the reaction that I usually have with wine.  I am not drunk.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s because of the big gulp I had but this wine isn’t going down as well near the end as it did at the beginning.  This is the opposite of what usually happens, I think this wine is cursed.

He’s totally cheated on her.

I rate this wine 3 wrinkle dogs up close.

wrinkle dogwrinkle dogwrinkle dog


Wine Review


Today Matthew came home with loads of chocolate and a bottle of Sainsburys ‘Taste the difference’ Primitivo Salento red wine.  I am not having any of the chocolate as I’m being healthy.  I have decided to review the bottle of wine however as I have plenty of calories left for the day.

First of all, the wine is 317 calories per half bottle according to myfitnesspal and so I have decided to drink half of the bottle. Second of all, I have decided to post this unedited which means that I will not change anything as I drink the wine after I have typed.  Expect typos and or drunken text (everyone that knows me knows I have a low tolerance)

Here goes –

First sip – wine tastes like wine

Second sip – It tastes a bit like I’ll have a dry mouth tomorrow

Third sip – tastes like fruit but alcoholic

Forth sup – Matt says he tastes plum and liquorish

Fifth sip – I am better than Matt as the bottle says berries which is closer to fruit than it is to his guess

Fifth sip = Mr T had a show on BBC Three – who knew?  It’s actually very funny because he is just reading these lines with little to no effort put in but adding ‘Fool’ a lot.

Fixth Fix – The wine has run out of my first glass so I’m on to the second which will be my final glass (work tomorrow)

Sixth sip – When is don’t tell the bride on? That’s why I’m on BBC three.

Seventh sip – I am now refilling my glass – the last one was the remnants of the glass. As a fresh glass it pretty much tastes the same.  It’s a bit cold actually which is OK because I’m fine with cold red wine because I’m not a snob.

8th sip –

9th sip – Don’t tell the bride isn’t on today. LAME

10th sip – Matt has gone to do the washing up and I am watching TV but can’t find the remote.  Oh no – a program about dogs is on!

11th – he’s spinning because you chopped off half his tail probably!  He’s like ‘where is my tail?’

12th sip – I want a dog and also don’t because I’d feel so bad that he/she would get bored and develop a coping mechanism which means he/she just spins around.  I remember watching a program about dogs where this dog got hypnotised when he saw a reflection of a light on the wall.

13th sip – You can scan dogs these days MRI by training them with sounds.

14th sip – the wine is going down well.  I enjoy this wine.  It reminds me of heat.

15th ship – ha ha ship.  I went to a pub called ‘the ship’ a few times with Matthew and other people.

It’s gone now, I probably wouldn’t recommend this wine because it doesn’t taste AMAZING and I have had amazing wine.  My favourite is the orange one, I’ll review that next maybe.

I rate this wine – Polish wine meme

German Wine meme

Translates to ‘white wine has a yellow colour and is made ​​of green grapes where is the sense of where the logic’

Powder Keg Diplomacy

Powder Keg Diplomacy


There is a hip and happening bar on St Johns Hill called Powder Keg Diplomacy.  I have been here several times over the past year and thought I’d write up a short review of it for all of my lovely readers, even if you aren’t really a thing.

Powder Keg Diplomacy (or PKD as I will now refer to it as so I don’t have to keep correcting myself when I type gun powder diplomacy) is a really great place to go if you want a pricey (but worth it), lovely cocktail in a really kooky on purpose place with doors on the ceiling.

The roof

The ceiling of the place

They have an amazing menu, but all of the cocktails are original (I think) so you’ll have to read through the descriptions to really understand what you’re ordering.  Once I ended up with this disgusting drink that came with some lovely cheese on the side which I ate in it’s entirety but then some weird black thing that I didn’t understand and so left in case it was mushroom and / or raisins.

powderkeg weird black drink

This was probably the only ‘bad’ drink I have had at PKD, and it’s because I didn’t read the menu beyond seeing ‘cheese’ coming with it.  Basically you need to deal with the low light surroundings and really read about the drink you’re going to order else you may be faced with a weird black thing that doesn’t really smell or taste like anything that is real.

Last time I went with Matthew and Alexa for a drink after our meal at Kaosarn which I reviewed here. The first 2 drinks below were very nice.  One was some sort of sour (the one in the cup), the green one had aloe vera in it so as you can see you get a lot of fancy for your £8.50.

Powder Keg Diplomacy

We then had the below.  The red one berry one to the left was called ‘The Empress of India’ according to Matthew (I can’t remember).  The one in the middle was some sort of rum based cocktail.  Lex had the one on the right which was champagne with a blackberry cider ice cube in it which was really nice actually.

Second drink at Powder keg
All in all, I really like it at PKD.  I think the cocktail makers are all very nice and really help you in deciding what to have and are obviously masters at their chosen art and it is an art, unlike this rubbish –

Divan Bed 1996 by Mona Hatoum

Divan Bed 1996 by Mona Hatoum

I rate powder keg diplomacy 1 deluxe edition of Fergie’s underrated album ‘The Dutchess’the dutchess deluxe

Copella Cloudy Apple Juice

Hello everyone and welcome to my reviews of all of the amazting and not so amazting things in the world.
To start things off, I will be reviewing Copella Cloudy Apple Juice which I had this morning while waiting for a bus.
While waiting for a bus earlier today I was overcome by the need for a drink that would both quench my thirst, and give me nutrients and what not to make me healthy. I am currently on day 3 of being healthy.

Previously I was eating at wasabi pretty much daily and getting one of their hot foods. I searched the web using a non-Google searching tool because of fear of my identity being stolen by Google and used to sell me things, to find out how unhealthy these things were because I’d put on a lot of weight in the past year. Then after being unable to find a listing I used Google and it turns out that 1 serving of the food item I was eating was over 1000 calories.
Wasabi unhealthy hot food
I have gone off topic, Copella Cloudy Apple Juice has 152 calories in it’s 330ml bottle. This bottle costs £1.50 from the man near the bus stop. “That’s a bit pricey” you may say, to which I’d reply “” because I am not with you while you are reading this.

If you do think it’s expensive, you should rethink this. Did you know that it is only made of apples and something called ‘Ascorbic Acid’ which is naturally occurring and has this diagram. That’s surely worth £1.50!

Science diagram

Science diagram

I’m also pretty sure you can get it in a meal deal at Sainsburys, but that might be Innocent Apple juice though, I can’t remember.

How do I like them apples?

5 Apples
5 Apples in a bowl