Hello everyone,
So on Saturday I got a kitten.

Inari 1

She is a blue silver Somali which means she is a grey cat with a bushy tail and big ears.

Inari 2

She is amazing and has only poo’d on the floor once.

Inari 3
She enjoys stretching and sitting so we are basically soul mates



She is called Inari because she will look a bit like a fox when grown up.
IMG_0052.JPGI am in love

Hello everyone,

Today is a special day, 2 cat of the moments in one day!

My friend Kia mentioned she had a very special cat back home in Liverpool living with her Mum Julia.  I asked Julia to record the cat for me because going to Liverpool to see a cat seems a bit overkill.

I no longer think going to Liverpool to see a cat is overkill.  I must travel to Liverpool ASAP to see this beauty in action.


Hello everyone, I went to a sherry bar and then came home.  On the way home I found this fella who was very happy to see me.
This was the first time some of my friends have seen me do a cat of the moment so wanted in on the action this made me pull a manic face due to the unwelcome closeness to my find.

Hello Everyone,

Look who’s back!  I was working late I expect and came home to find this ginger and white cat again.  He must have recognised my because he basically leapt into my arms.White and Ginger

Look how comfortable he is –

White and ginger cat2

What a day!


Hello Everyone,

Today I had a treat, I was outside my house doing something charitable and selfless when I came across an amazing cat.

Albino Cat 1

This cat can only be described as an Albino cat.  It didn’t have red eyes so all the benefits none of the cons.


Albino Cat 2She was very happy to have met me as I was to meet her.

Albino Cat 3It was so impressed with my phone cover which nicely displayed the time of 21:39 which is 9:39PM, which is 9:39 in the evening.


Bye then


Hello Everyone,

Today is just one of those days, you know the kind – You’re walking down the street and you sense something nearby that both excites and terrifies you in equal measures.

As you can tell by my manic face below, it was more of the excites this time.


Not sure when this was cat

Hello everyone,

I was out today enjoying the sun and getting some meringue from the meringue shop near our house (we’re dead fancy like).

On the way home from the meringue shop I found this beauty on my street.  It’s definitely a new one I think, it’s really nice and didn’t scratch me which means it’s a winner in my book.  In addition, it kind of looks like it’s really fancy because it’s holding a fancy French meringue cardboard box bag type thing…what are they called?

Kitten holding my shopping

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I last updated this wonderful site with my eloquent writing about all things of interest in the world.

Since the last Cat Of The Moment, there has been more war in the world and I can only feel partially to blame.

So here is the latest Cat of the Moment, featuring a really nice cat who I’m pretty sure already won the title of Cat of the moment a few moments ago.  Anyway, if you live locally you’re more likely to get the title as I am a renowned non-mover when it comes to moving.


Tabby Cat of mystery