In this episode we venture into travel podcasting by telling you all about our trip to Japan, our investigator investigates the disappearance of Shania Twain and Matthew invents a movie “quiz”.

So let’s talk about Japan guys. It’s literally amazting. It’s the most incredible place that either of us have been. But c’mon, it’s 2016, I can’t describe how good it is in words, and even though it’s a delight even our podcast doesn’t do Japan as much justice as this collection of gifs.

Exhibit 1 – The locals

This is girl group AKB48...because there are actually 48 members of the band

This is girl group AKB48…because there are actually 48 members of the band

Exhibit B – The sporting events

This is cute guys our #Rio2016

This is cute guys waddling…watch out #Rio2016

Exhibit 4 – The respect for nature


Next Exhibit – Nature’s respect for you

Final Exhibit – The food!

Still got no idea what the white and pink swirly thing is!

Still got no idea what the white and pink swirly thing is!

So yeah, see, Japan it totes amaze, or sick, or groovy or some other slang word meaning really bloody brilliant.

In the next episode, we’ll have more Freakin Fast Film Fun, but until then, we’ll leave you with this thought from our incredible Tea Ceremony

This is the only time we will ever be in this moment.

Deep man.

itunesHello everyone,

We’ve been gone for a few months to rest our voices so we can come back at you like Cleopatra from the 90s.


In this episode, we talk about what else is back, drunk cinema, caffeine and it’s affects on the body and music from people in the world. Have a listen!


Hello everyone,

We’ve just finished recording another podcast for your ears to experience.

In this episode, we talk about:

Jurassic World and the tingles it forced through our bodies.

Sarah Harding’s solo effort

All of the reboots that are happening at the  moment

We also talk about Rihanna’s new video

The Scream TV show

We also briefly talk about 7/7 and the emotional drama from the BBC called ‘A song for Jenny‘ which we can’t recommend highly enough.

itunesCan you believe we’re ten Amazting Podcasts in? No, us neither, we thought we’d run out of enthusiasm way before now.

Here the things we mentioned this week, and some other links we thought were amazting but didn’t make the cut (that’s right, there is a serious editing operation that filters out quite a lot of nonsense!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 21.20.56
Orange Is The New Black. It’s steadily becoming a cult classic, but if you haven’t heard of it already head on over to Netflix and check it out. We felt that Season Two was better, but its still far better than anything that is actually on TV!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 21.19.28H U M A N S started recently on Channel 4. Oddly it airs on a Sunday but you can catch the first three episodes on All 4 (which used to be called 4OD). It prompted an argument about robots and conversation about how The Jetsons was ahead of it’s time.

Dinosaurs. We feel like the only people in the Western World who haven’t yet seen Jurassic World. Until we can bring you our insightful review we leave you with this picture of how T Rex could have really looked. I find the idea of a 20ft tall robin terrifying!
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 21.22.54Mr Holmes was the film we saw this week. It’s slow paced, but an interesting and sensitive story about the onset of ageing. Also, it stars a kid that looks a bit like the other kid from Love Actually and Frances De La Tour, who has been stalking Matt. (There is a Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon is convinced there is a cloud following him – is there a clip?)



Here at Amazting, we love a spoof, and a spy spoof is top of our list! We saw Spy, which sees Melissa Mcarthy as a first-time-in-the-field agent along with a supporting cast of Jason Staham, Jude Law, Miranda Hart and Rose Byrne. It’s got other people in too, but their the ones that count.

alicexzombieWe also strapped on some culture this week in the form of Alice Undergoround and Generation Z. We had a fantastic time at each, but want to avoid any spoilers so will keep it brief. The Queen of Hearts is a tyrant. The war between red and black cards is on. Alice stumbles in and interrupts. We fell down a rabbit hole and peered into looking glasses, we even sipped on tea with the Mad Hatter. The attention to detail is great. The groups are slightly too large, and on the night we went it was swelteringly hot. However, Alice Underground was a fantastic experience which could only have been improved if we’d had a better level of knowledge about Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carrol more generally.

If you’re fans of anything zombie related (here at Amazting it’s a serious concern). We cannot recommend Generation of Z highly enough.  It was the best thing we’ve done in a while.  You are filled with fear throughout, but in a good way.  Be prepared to get a bit bloody and have your heart beating faster than it probably should.


Well, that was the longest 2 weeks and a bit ever.  Sorry we’ve been absent from your ears and lives for so long.  We’re back this week after our trip to Oslo and getting Adam’s Macbook fixed.  If there is anyone to blame for our absence, it’s Apple for building a shoddy macbook pro.

Anyway, on to this week’s links and such.

While we were away from your ears, we were also away from the London.  Having visited Adam’s hometown of Manchester, and flying over to the Country of Norway and settling for the city of Oslo as our landing place.
Here is the Microbrewery with the sour beer

We also went to see Mirandasings while in Oslo, here is the video that made Matthew a ‘Mirfanda’

Here is a video that we took and edited together from her show in Oslo (we were allowed to – she told us so).

We also read Mametown’s book ‘You deserve a drink’ which you can get from amazon below.  You definitely should as it’s one of the best books we’ve read this year.
Normal Book / Kindle Book

We went to see Tomorrowland at the cinema and thought it was good fun for the kids we are in our minds.


Finally, we went to see showstoppers who we highly recommend!

Amazting podcast music
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We just didn’t have enough time in Episode 8 of the Amazting podcast to get our music fix and so we decided to do a shorter midweek music edition of our podcast.

This week, we discuss 4 songs that Adam found and wanted Matthew’s opinion on.

You can have a look / listen to them below.  Let us know which one your favourite is using the voting option below

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or just let us know what we should listen to and talk about by tweeting at us

1) Tove Lo – Talking Body

2) Aston Merrygold (Off of JLS) – Get Stupid

3) Little Mix – Black Magic

4) Tori Kelly – Should’ve Been Us

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First, the bad news…we’ll be in Norway next weekend, so weeks episode may be delayed a day or two. However, do we have a killer Episode 8 for you! We discuss Mad Max, childhood poetry and learn about the origins of Kiwi fruits. See! Killah!

We’re joined by special guest Cecile (@CcileJourno) all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. We talk about how London is better than Paris, her take on the discovery of cow milk and learn that she loves her hair.

On Tuesday we rocked up at Cringe UK. Standout performance was Jen (below) who anthropomorphised her diary as ‘Janet‘ to quite hilarious effect. If you’re in London you should check it out, monthly at The Phoenix.


In homage to Cringe UK (follow them on twitter!) Matt read a poem he wrote aged 7 and Adam mentioned the Mortified Podcast, a similar offering from the States which we’ve been been checking out recently.

We live tweeted Eurovision 2015. Here’s the Swedish winner


For reasons still unknown, Australia were allowed to enter this year…


Amazting film of the week:  Mad Max Fury Road. Here’s the trailer…

Matt felt so overstimulated he needed a lie down. Charlize Theron was magnificent.  Go see it, and look out for Adam’s cameo…in the part that borrows from the colour palette of one of the preset gradients in Powerpoint.

horizon copy

We also added The Psychopath Test to our Book Club. Whilst we’re not sure we agree with reviews describing it as hilarious, it’s interesting and in places amusing. We rate it amazting, and that’s before we’ve even had chance to try out this Mango Pomegranate ‘Murder’ Salsa inspired by the book!

And here’s some links to check out that didn’t make the cut into the episode:

  • We need to get used to the term POTUS. It has nothing to do with Harry Potter, sadly
  • Game of Thrones: The Musical

That’s all for this week.