I often find images on the internet that show just how amazing cats are.

The below is from a tumblr post I came across. It is available on t-shirts here I like it because I spent 35 minutes trying to find the film it was from only to find it isn’t a film and FUCK YOU INTERNET.


This one is from a news article about a cat robbing cat food from a shop.  It is actually a ‘cat burglar’! Ha ha, no one will have thought of that.


Bye then

YouTube recommended the below video for me to watch today.

It features Ivy Levan of no previous fame as far as I’m aware + a cat-man.

Have you watched it?  It features her being weird about a cat which is probably why YouTube (owned by Google – who know everything about me) recommended it.

Ivy Levan seems to be trying to be bringing futuristic camp noir realness with a subtle nod to zany.  That being said, I do quite like this song and the cat at the beginning is cute.  Plus the man-cat plays a piano which is good.

Plus this –

Ivy Legan and Cat-Man in space

Ivy Legan and Cat-Man in space

All that being said I give this music video 1 low quality picture of a cat head

Low Quality Picture of a Cat

Copella Cloudy Apple Juice

Hello everyone and welcome to my reviews of all of the amazting and not so amazting things in the world.
To start things off, I will be reviewing Copella Cloudy Apple Juice which I had this morning while waiting for a bus.
While waiting for a bus earlier today I was overcome by the need for a drink that would both quench my thirst, and give me nutrients and what not to make me healthy. I am currently on day 3 of being healthy.

Previously I was eating at wasabi pretty much daily and getting one of their hot foods. I searched the web using a non-Google searching tool because of fear of my identity being stolen by Google and used to sell me things, to find out how unhealthy these things were because I’d put on a lot of weight in the past year. Then after being unable to find a listing I used Google and it turns out that 1 serving of the food item I was eating was over 1000 calories.
Wasabi unhealthy hot food
I have gone off topic, Copella Cloudy Apple Juice has 152 calories in it’s 330ml bottle. This bottle costs £1.50 from the man near the bus stop. “That’s a bit pricey” you may say, to which I’d reply “” because I am not with you while you are reading this.

If you do think it’s expensive, you should rethink this. Did you know that it is only made of apples and something called ‘Ascorbic Acid’ which is naturally occurring and has this diagram. That’s surely worth £1.50!

Science diagram

Science diagram

I’m also pretty sure you can get it in a meal deal at Sainsburys, but that might be Innocent Apple juice though, I can’t remember.

How do I like them apples?

5 Apples
5 Apples in a bowl